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Our unike series of functional soft candies has been a hit all over the place. Crazy good taste and loaded with functional ingredients, you just cant go wrong. Make sure you have these available and ready anytime.

  • BCAA Gummies is the newcomer of the year! BCAA Gummies is a delicious, sugar free, fruit gum candy – chock-full of BCAA. The bag of BCAA Gummies contains the flavours apple, peach and tutti-frutti. A healthy and functional alternative treat. Buy yours today!
  • Creatine Gummies is the newcomer of the year! Creatine Gummies is a delicious, fruit gum candy – chock-full of creatine. The bag of Creatine Gummies contains the flavours orange, lemon and raspberry. Get yours today!
  • Sports Recovery Gummies are delicious fruit gummies you can enjoy post-workout. Choc-full of creatine, BCAA, L-Glutamine, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium (citrate). They are crazy tasty and give you that much needed refill to ensure a speedy restitution straight after a workout. Keep winning!
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