Norway is the #1 Source for high quality Omega 3 oils and fatty acids. Our products is sustainable, native ratio of Omega 3´s and just plain healthy.

  • Training pack 30 days
    Training Pack 30 days is developed for active individuals. If you work out a lot, you need a lot – simple as that. Therefore Training Pack is pre-packed daily dosages with high dose of vitamins and minerals. This, combined with Omega 3 and concentrated broccoli extract full of natural antioxidants improve performance.
  • Ultra Omega 3 is a fresh, unprocessed and natural commodity derived from Norwegian salmon. Ultra Omega 3 is wholly without additives and is a natural source of omega fatty acids – which have been clinically shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The vibrant colour of Ultra Omega 3 is your proof that the oil is not only filled with antioxidants but also completely fresh. This is the perfect omega 3 supplement if you want the best on the market to help you perform

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