Vitamins and Minerals supply your body with active micro nutritions that secure your performance and give you the supporting catalyst to a fit and healthy body.

  • Daily Min mineral pills are minerals in practical tablet form. Simplify and take a tablet a day and know that you’ve covered your body’s daily requirement of minerals.
  • Training pack 30 days
    Training Pack 30 days is developed for active individuals. If you work out a lot, you need a lot – simple as that. Therefore Training Pack is pre-packed daily dosages with high dose of vitamins and minerals. This, combined with Omega 3 and concentrated broccoli extract full of natural antioxidants improve performance.
  • ZMA-X provides valuable minerals with a high bio availability in a combination that supports the body’s natural performance. Optimise the body’s natural hormonal axis, get more from your workout and recover faster. Meet ZMA-X – a unique product

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