D-Ribose 150 Tablets

D-Ribose increases the effect of creatine. Combine D-Ribose and creatine and achieve 50% increased effect. If you’ve been working out for a while with creatine and feel like you have plateaued and stagnated – add D-Ribose to the mix and break the stagnation.

D-Ribose is a supplement that increases the effect of creatine and quickly delivers positive strength and endurance results. D-Ribose increases the uptake and storage of creatine in the musculature and thereby improving your performance.

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What is D-Ribose and what does it do in the body?

Ribose is a cellular carbohydrate consisting of 5 carbon molecules. This composition occurs naturally, in limited amounts, in all living cells that are part of DNA and RNA – the building blocks of life.

Ribose is defined by scientists as the carbohydrate that starts the metabolic process to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy in the body. ATP is the main component of energy that the body’s cells and muscles use to function normally. Hard workouts and physical activity deplete the storages of ribose. In short – the body cannot store creatine phosphate in the muscles without presence of ribose in the cells. More ribose increases the likelihood to increase the creatine uptake and the amount of creatine stored in the muscle cells.

Recommended use

6 tablets per workout day – 3 tablets alongside creatine 30 minutes before working out and 3 tablets straight after working out, as part of the restitution process. D-Ribose adds pure chemical energy and does not have to be included when counting calories.

D-Ribose research and energy restitution in athletes

Intense workouts use up a lot of the body’s energy storages. It may take up to 3 days or more to refill the storages after a heavy session. Recent studies show that a supplement of D-Ribose accelerates the restitution of all skeletal muscles. This means that you can complete longer workout sessions, build muscles faster and accelerate restitution using D-Ribose before and after the workouts. As a bonus you have more available energy to work out harder.

Pro Tip

Combining D-Ribose and creatine can increase the effect of the creatine by up to 50%. Absence or low levels of ribose in the musculature slow the uptake and conversion of creatine since ribose is a catalyst in the forming of ATP energy. The body only has small amounts of ribose available. That is the reason why most experience good results very rapidly when adding D-Ribose to their pre-workout regimen.

How can D-Ribose help those who lift weights?

D-Ribose is scientifically proven to help increase the intracellular muscle energy, increase performance and contribute to an increased restitution. D-Ribose is a powerful, cellular energy source that is naturally found in small doses in all the cells of the body. It is an efficient way to increase the energy levels before a workout because D-Ribose contributes to an increased synthesis of ATP in the muscle cells. This increase in performance speeds up the restitution and repairing of muscle cells after hard workouts. D-Ribose is combined with creatine for optimal effect on strength, volume and restitution.

Break through the plateau

Experienced weight lifters and bodybuilders who’ve been using creatine for several years, swear to the addition of D-Ribose. It helps them optimize the creating to achieve maximum effect.


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Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration
Serving size: 3 tablets
Amount per serving 25Per 3 tablets
D-Ribose1500 mg
(EN) Ingredients: D-Ribose, gelatine, magnesiumsalts of fatty acids

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