Protein Wafer – Sweet Vanilla

Protein Wafer is a great tasting crispy wafer without any added sugar. Complete with a traditional, sugar free vanilla filling and a chocolate undercoating this is a fitness dream.


Protein Wafer is a crispy protein biscuit with sugar free vanilla filling and a low calorie count. Every bite really is a little piece of joy. You can enjoy these completely shame free – they are both healthy and low in calories.

  • Comes in 3 tasty flavours
  • Less than 175 kcal per serving
  • No added sugar

Each Protein Wafer clocks in at less than 200 calories per serving. A crispy texture and delicious flavour are the identifying traits of these golden biscuits. They are handy on the go and a great treat after working out. Choose between the exciting flavours sweet vanilla, milk chocolate and double chocolate.

Our demand of quality is your security:

Protein Wafer

  • Only 175 calories
  • Sugar free energy
  • Rich in proteins
  • A great snack
  • Use on the go or after working out

Recommended use

Eat a Protein Wafer whenever you want something tasty and high in protein

Nutrition Declaration

Nutrition Declaration
Serving size: 35 g
Amount per serving 1Per 100gPer 35g
Energy1980 kJ/ 474 kcal693 kJ/ 166 kcal
Fat25,7 g9,0 g
Of which saturated fat17,1 g6,0 g
Carbohydrates14,3 g5,0 g
Of which sugar2,0 g0,7 g
Protein42,9 g15,0 g
Salt0,46 g0,16 g
(EN) Ingredients: Protein blend ( milk protein, hydrolyzed gelatin (from bovine) vegetable oils (palm oil and shea oil), enriched wheat starch (wheat starch, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamine), polydextrose, emulsifier (soy lecithin, & monodiglycerides), vegetable protein, aroma (milk ), bamboo fiber, cocoa powder, corn flour, soy flour, sunflower oil, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame-K), salt. Contains sweetener

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