ISO 9001 is the core of our strong quality control. Nothing happens without it. After 15 years of manufacturing our product in house we decided to partner up with the amazing Norwegian company Faun Pharma. They have supported us for years on special developments and RND. In 2016 Proteinfabrikken teamed up with Faun Pharma for a total merge of manufacturing volumes. The new strategy was set to supplying international customers with unique products Made In Norway.

Benefits of ISO 9001 in Manufacturing

Conforming to the ISO 9001 standard has many benefits to our manufacturing process. ISO 9001 helps inspire us to find more effective ways to permanently resolve quality and other cost-related challenges while at the same time be encouraged to find creative ways to exceed customer requirements. This standard helps us identify, document, and improve our systems that address both written and “implied” requirements from our customers such as:

  • Safety standards
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing
  • Expected production efficiencies
  • Dimensional and functional specifications

ISO is an international body and as a result, it’s standards helps us ensure that our products are manufactured in a way that promotes collaboration. This improves both our national and international trade, while reducing costs to all parties we believe.

Our FDA approved manufacturing facility (reg number: 16511288654) pave the way for importing our products to US. US based customers can now easily access our unique brand for sale and distribution in USA. No worries about import complications. We have the full set up ready to serve. All US customer will be served from our US Logistic and Warehouse partner in XXXXXXX. You can now have PF brand products delivered to your door just like from any other domestic US supplier.

Athletes requirements for safe use and security for not having unwanted positive test using our products, is of outmost importance. We have a very special environments for our raw material use and manufacturing. We work closely with  HFL SportScience. They are the world renown independent drug surveillance laboratory. They specialize is screening food supplements and sports nutrition products for substances prohibited in sports. Further our partners for special ingredients or compositions are informed sports approved manufacturing facilities. We do even pre-batch purchase analysis on critical products like creatines.

Proteinfabrikken has a strong position in the Nordic countries. Our products are made from domestic, European and international ingredients. Our focus on real life application and unique position for manufacturing is second to none. Our quality is defined by an unique heritage going back all the way to the Viking era. The will of the people and even the political environment did always focus on sustainable and a non compromise attitude towards food supply. That is your gain and our uppertunity.

Norwegian Oats, wheat, barley and Whey protein is truly amazing products, harvested and natural, we relief the power of these ingredients into highly nutritious products for sports, health and Better Performance. Thru the generations the unique Norwegian way of improving pure and sustainable agricultural developed according to what nature intended, has made the Norwegian crops and livestock some of the worlds most healthy food sources and productive animals in the worlds. Resulting in the best raw material available, a gift we forward to thousands of our customers every day.

-No Hormones
-No antibiotics
-Milk raw material from gras feed cows, we know no other way.

Norwegian Whey protein is truly an amazing product, made from milking cows that are gras fed. For us there is no other way doing it. Thru the generations we have cultivated a unique way of improving pure and sustainable agricultural developed like nature intended. This has made the Norwegian livestock some of the worlds most healthy and productive animals in the worlds. Resulting in the best milk available, a gift we forward to thousands of our customers every day. Long summer days and even sunny nights leave the gras highly nutritious and deliver a dense food source that improve health, strength and the perfect milk to make Whey protein.

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Key features of Norwegian Whey Protein

-No Hormones
-No antibiotics
-Always gras feed, we know no other way.

Omega 3 from Salmon is released by a proprietary process developed by the Norwegian food tech company Hofseth Biocare. The state of the art facility accept only the highest quality raw material supplied fresh from the filleting suppliers. This has result in not only a very special product, but also a sustainable product that is certified sea friendly. Above focus on health, adding Ultra Omega 3 to your diet,  you also is part of sustainable and responsible use of natures resources and truly a supporter of environmently food supplies that is of high importance for us and future generations.

With our Omega 3 you can rethink the aspect of health and improved lifestyle, adding sustainable Omega 3 from salmon in your diet make you part of a class  individuals who not only take great care of your health, but also support sustainable use of mother Earth´s resources.